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What is Virtual Private Server?

Virtual Private Server (VPS) is a way of dividing up a single physical server into many virtual mini-servers that provide a complete isolation between the user accounts on the system. This is in contrast to our shared web hosting service where many customers share the same environment. Each part of the VPS has capabilities of performing independent operations with its own operating system and hardware resources dedicated to it. Our VPS offers a great choice of customization and flexibility to manage resource.

The advantage of using VPS.

Security is one of the major concerns when it comes to hosting services. Because a VPS is like a real server, you are in total control of the system without risk of it interfering with other users on the system or vice versa. With the added security, VPS provides a great amount of flexibility for businesses expect rapid growth traffic pattern. Resources can be intelligently reassigned as configured when needed.  VPS also reduces the cost of ownership and the headache of learning systems that fall outside of your business interests.

Why choose KHY Virtual Private Server?

KHY Virtual Private Server

Our VPS solutions offers a good balance between server control and your spending budget.

Reduced cost

Your cost is only the server performance your business plan on needing. You can fully customize the amount of CPU and RAM requirements to avoid paying for extra resources that you do not use.

Instant Provisioning

We understand the importance of getting your VPS operational. At KHYCOM, all VPS accounts will generally be provisioned within an hour instead of hours or days.

Enhanced Level of Control

You gain access and control over your VPS. Unlike the shared web hosting service, you have full root access to your virtual private server and the ability to reboot or perform any maintenance anytime you want.

Flexible & Scalable

At KHYCOM, our Virtual Private Server allows you to scale your performance as your business grows with no need to reboot.

Mirrored Storage

All of our account information and data is automatically replicated and protected with our RAID system.

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